Thank you for being here. There are no accidents, you are here for a reason and I welcome you. What is your desire? Do you wish better physical being, better mental clarity, emotional stability, relaxation, stress relief, spiritual opening? Energy work can assist in many ways and I am here to assist you in reaching your goals.

What is Divine Essence Healing?

Divine Essence Healing is an energy healing practice that uses very high frequency energy to uplift your energy fields and bring them into their original perfection thus igniting your own natural healing. 

The philosophy of Divine Essence Healing is that at the very core of everything there is this “Pure Divine Energy.”  I call this our “Divine Essence.”  This energy vibrates at a very high frequency, meaning that it vibrates at the level of the perfection of our original Divine Essence.

Over our lives this energy gets covered with layers of life experiences/energies, some healthy and some not so healthy.  Illness, no matter if it’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual is a result of the accumulation of low frequency energies (anger, fear, grief, etc.) that throw your system out of balance.  Healing is about bringing your system back into balance.   

Research in Quantum physics shows us that energy is malleable and the mere act of observing particles of energy shifts it, therefore, we can interact and shift energy.  As a Magdalena Energy Practitioner, very high frequency energy flows through me that powerfully yet tenderly shifts lower frequencies into higher vibrations which then facilitates transformation on many levels.

What is a typical session like?  

You will meet with me for about an hour.  After filling out intake forms you will lay on a massage table fully dressed while I (without touching the body) pour Mary Magdalena energy into your energy fields (aura) and vortexes (chakras) of the body.  At this point most clients fall into a deep state of relaxation.  After about 40 minutes of treatment you will be guided to a chair, given a glass of water, and we discuss the session.  When you feel ready you are free to leave.

What does it feel like?

Every person experiences energy work differently.  Most of my clients report experiencing a “nurturing tenderness” and “very deep relaxation”.  Some clients have reported feeling a vibration in their body, some have reported seeing lights or hearing sounds.  Sometimes clients feel nothing at all while others tell me they felt the effects hours or a day later.  The energy work unfolds over time.  I’ve had client’s report life changes that have unfolded over weeks even months.

What are the benefits of Energy Healing?

There are countless reports across the web and many books that discuss the benefits of energy work.  I choose to allow the experience to be uniquely your own.  I don’t want to lead you in any particular direction.  For instance if I say, “you’ll experience extreme bliss” and you don’t, you may be disappointed or think there is something wrong with you. Then where would we be?  The energy is intelligent and works in a manner that is unique to you.  No one can say what that might be.

Who am I and what makes me qualified to serve you?

I come from a psychology background with and undergrad degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology.  I also hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Woman’s issues and Art Therapy.  After working in the psychology field for over twenty years I had a huge spiritual awakening that coincided with an Enlightened Master entering my life.  I’ve spent over 13 years working and studying with my master including engaging in intensive training in Mary Magdalena energy work.  It is now my great honor to be a vehicle for these energy frequencies.


Mary Magdalena

Mary Magdalena was a powerful healer in her time.  Because she was a woman she was not considered significant.  She was buried in obscurity until the discovery of ancient scrolls revealed she was in fact as much an apostle as any of the men, she may have even been favored among the apostles.  Her Light, her Love, and her Devotion to Master Jesus allowed her to become very knowledgeable and masterful in healing as well as in holding the patterns for those epic events that have filled the hearts of millions across thousands of years.   Her Holiness Sai Maa, a world-renowned Enlightened Master, has brought these amazing Magdalena energies to our planet to aid us in this era of phenomenal transformation.  After going through an intensive training program I am honored to be a conduit of these exquisitely Divine energies and offer my services for the transformation and uplifting of mankind.  To have the opportunity to experience the Divine Grace, Divine Tenderness, and Powerfully Transformative energies that are Magdalena is truly an amazing gift to ones inner self and should not be missed.

We are in a great time of transformation and with that comes a birthing of ourselves into who we truly are – Divine beings with unlimited potential through Divine Love and Grace.  But, with any birth there is the struggle to be free of the womb that held us.  That struggle to let go, to surrender ego to the Divine within, can be difficult at times.  We have spent a lifetime building an inner constellation of who we think we are, it’s very difficult for the ego to let go of all it’s built.  At times we need a little help to remember the Magnificence of our Divinity, to remember the Peace of the Soul held in Divine Grace, to remember the Exuberant Joy that lies within our hearts just waiting to be free.  Magdalena Energy work can help to reveal and dissolve the layers of negative energies that block us from knowing our Greatest Selves.

At times, revealing of the negative energy in our fields may bring us face to face with something within us that we would rather not look at, but by allowing it to arise, accepting it, and bringing it into our loving hearts we allow ourselves the chance to release it from our being.  This release lightens us up as if we have just taken off a backpack filled with rocks.  Once these rocks are removed we have the opportunity to fill those spaces with light, love, and joy.  When we do our smiles comes more freely, a softness begins, and where rocks once were, there can be Grace.  I invite all to experience this for yourselves.

In Loving Grace, I am at your service.