What is Energy Healing?

When I was in the  6th grade and my teacher said the strangest thing.  He said, “everything is energy, even your desk.”  I was a little shocked because I though energy was what coursed through you when you ran, danced, or moved.  I thought of it as a mobile force not something stationary.  Well, I’ve come to learn my teacher was right.

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies or speeds.  Our bodies are composed of various kinds of vibrating energies.  We have layers of energy fields extending from our bodies called Energy bodies.  The first Energy Body is call the Etheric Body and it contains all the information about our physicality and relates to our sensations, feelings of pain etc.  Illness will show up in the Etheric Body before the physical body experiences the dysfunction It is at this level that Energy Healing can often cleanse and clear destructive energy and bring in higher frequency energy that supports the health and innate healing of the body.

The second Energy Body is known as the Emotional Body.  As you probably guessed, it contains our emotions and feelings.  The Emotional Body is the storehouse of all our emotional experiences including high frequency emotions like love, and joy which uplift us and make us feel great.  It also holds our low-frequency emotions like stress, fear, anger, hopelessness, depression etc which weigh us down. We tend to try to avoid experiencing these low-frequency emotions so we stuff them down and pack them in tight.   When allowed to build up low-frequency energies can evolve into symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other psycho-emotional disturbances.  These low-frequency energies can enter into the Etheric Body and initiate the onset of physical disease.  One way to avoid this build up is to engage in Energy Healing.  Energy Healing has been reported by clients to uplifted, clear, and free them from an unidentified heavy weight.  I have had many people come off the table and tell me they felt different some how, clearer, like something was removed.  I even had one woman tell me she felt taller after having an energy treatment.  Negative emotions and feelings can build up in the Emotional Energy causing one to feel they are wearing a heavy backpack that causes them to hunch over a bit.  After an energy healing it seems the back pack is lightened and the person can stand upright again.

To be continued…